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Cooking Oils & Fats


Extracted from natural sunflower seeds or Corn , our cooking oil is certainly a wonderful and delicious medium for home and industrial food preparation. Sourced mainly from Europe and Turkey, our Sunflower Oil and Corn Oil contains high levels of unsaturated fat which means it is healthy as well as nutritious.

We ship our Cooking Oil in plastic containers in 1ltr, 2ltr, 3ltr, 5ltr, and 10ltr. There are two types of Cooking Oils available in refined form and in crude depending on your requirement and application.

We provide our Sunflower Oil and Corn Oil under Alda brand. Private label is available with minimum order quantity.


We provide quality Palm Oil sourced mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia. Our Palm Oil comes in various quality grades of CP10, CP8, and CP7 in Plastic containers. Containers can be transparent, white, or yellow depending on your preferences.

We mainly ship our Palm oil under our own brand name Alda but private labeling is available with minimum order quantities.

Container sizes include 1ltr, 2ltr, 5ltr, and 20ltr.

Please contact us for more details.