ALBARAKA Basmati Rice

Our ALBARAKA brand Basmati Rice has a fine aromatic flavor with long-slender grains. The rice is aged for the necessary amount of time to enhance the aroma. The product is delivered fully sortexed and devoid of impurities, discolored, and broken grains. The product can be single or double polished per customer requirement.

We provide the following variations and choices.

  • Basmati Raw/Milled/White Rice

  • Basmati Parboiled/Cream Rice – partly cooked (boiled)

  • Basmati Brown Rice

  • Organic Basmati Rice

  • Basmati Parboiled Golden Rice

  • Basmati Steam Rice

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Product Packing

Our ALBARAKA Basmati Rice comes in various packing types and sizes from 1 to 50 kilograms according to customer requirements. We can deliver the product in the following bag or container types:

  • P.P. Bags

  • H.D.P.E. Bags

  • Jute Bags

  • Non-woven Bags

  • Standing Pouch

  • Jar Packing

  • Block-Bottom Bags

Broken Rice

We also carry top quality broken rice which consists of grains that are broken during the milling process. We can provide 100%, 50%, 25%, and 5% broken rice in packs of 25kg or 50kg.

Round Grain Rice

This is another type of rice we provide besides our Basmati and broken grain rice. The choices include long-grain, short-grain, and medium-grain.

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ALBARAKA Basmati Rice is a well-known brand name for top quality and delicious rice. We always recommend our own brand name is being already a fast-selling item in the global market.

We are also available for any type of rebranding and private label production per customer request.

Worldwide Market

Our Basmati rice, broken rice, as well as round grain rice are top quality and fast-moving items in all parts of the world. Contact us for details.

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