ALDA Refined Corn Oil

Nature's Finest Cooking Corn Oil From Honicomb Group

ALDA Cooking Corn Oil

Nature's Finest Corn Oil From Honicomb Group

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ALDA Corn Oil

Natures Best Cooking Oil

Our corn oil is produced from naturally grown corn and is a 100% natural cooking oil. It is a great and healthy medium for cooking in every household and it is also suitable for any industrial application.

At Honicomb group, we bring you our top quality cooking oils in great looking clear plastic bottles.  This would look great on any shelf and marketplace.

Our corn oil has high levels of unsaturated natural fat.  We can ship your product in 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 liter clear plastic containers.

We can deliver your order in refined or in crude form depending on your requirement and application.

Our corn oil is offered under the Alda brand.  Private label is also available with minimum order quantity.

  • Texture: Liquid

  • State: Liquid at 20°C

  • Taste: Neutral

  • Odor: Neutral

  • Color: Light Yellow

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  • 12 x 1 ltr per carton

ALDA Refined Brands

Alda Alda
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Healthy eaters and dieters have known corn oil for a long time. It is low in calorie but full of all types of nutrients. Honicomb delivers great market value with its Alda Corn Oil.

With Honicomb Group, you can be sure that your customers will get the highest quality corn oil on their shelves all year around.

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