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Tuna Fish

Healthy Eaters' Food of Choice

At Honicomb Group, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality tuna fish for your market requirements.

Our well-known brands, Honi and Alda, are both perfect marks for taking our tuna fish into your market. Alternatively, we can also produce our tuna fish under your own brand name with the minimum order quantity.

Chunk Light Tuna

Our tuna fish packed in tins are great and fast-moving shelf items. No store should be left without tuna on its shelves. Our tuna fish delivers

  • A fresh and natural healthy taste

  • It is naturally high in proteins

  • It is naturally 90% fat free

  • And, it is full of Vitamin A and C, Calcium, and Iron

Top Quality Tuna

Honicomb Group tuna fish is packed for shipping as follows:

  • Each individual tin is clearly marked with valid expiry dates

  • 160 gram each tin

  • 48 tins packed in a carton for easy shipping

  • Chunk Light Tuna in sunflower oil or vegetable oil

  • Our brand or yours – contact us for details

  • Great label design – You will have unique art work on the label while keeping the familiar look and feel of the tuna fish can

  • Our tuna fish tins are a long-life shelf item providing for easy storage and cost effective shipping

Our Tuna Fish Brands

Alda Red Alda Red
Alda Blue Alda Blue
Alda Green Alda Green
Honi Blue Honi Blue

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Healthy eaters and dieters have known Tuna for a long time. It is low in calorie but full of all types of nutrients. Honicomb delivers great market value with its tuna fish in cans.

With Honicomb Group, you can be sure that your customers will get the highest quality tuna fish on their shelves all year around.

Contact us now for pricing and delivery options.

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