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Luncheon Meat

Beef and Chicken Canned Meat

Why not come to Honicomb Group for top-quality and great pricing on your next requirement of Luncheon meat or canned meat.

We pack our Luncheon meat in specially designed tin cans for preservations and ease-of-use.

Our canned meat sizes are 190gr and 320gr cans packed in sturdy cardboard boxes of 24 each.

We have deliciously prepared beef and also chicken luncheon meat. We have a track record of supplying large quantities of this product to West Africa.

Our main label for luncheon meat is Alda but we can produce this product under your own label with a minimum order quantity.

The product is of very high quality and comes with 2 years of shelf life.

We have:

Beef Luncheon Meat
Chicken Luncheon Meat


Contact us immediately for details.  We ship worldwide.

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Chicken Luncheon Meat

Chicken Luncheon Meat

Beef Luncheon Meat

Beef Luncheon Meat


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