Soaps & Detergents

Soaps And Detergents

Cleaning For All Applications

HoniComb Group is your source for cleaning substance for various applications. We make detergent powder great for washing clothes and other applications as well. Having flexible manufacturing capabilities, we are able to supply our cleaning materials according to our customer specifications.

Active Matter Variations: 8%, 11%, 14%, 19%, 21%.

Perfume: Lemon, Jasmine, etc…

Foam: Low, Medium, and High

Characteristics: Clothes Fiber safe, Stain Effective, Strong Decontamination, Skin Safe, Mild Function, Easy to Wash, Removes soil, sweet, and odor

WASHING POWDER with Active Matter

Package Bulk Packing
Bag 10kg 10 KG
Bag 5kg 5 KG
Bag 1kg 12 SACHET
Sachet 30g 30gX150PCS
Sachet 35g 35GX150 POUCHES
Sachet 50g 50 GX150 POUCHES
Sachet 125g 125 GM x 100 Sachet
Sachet 150g 150 GRX100 POUCHES
Sachet 500g 500 GRX24/CARTON