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Being involved in international trade as a reputable business partner, Honicomb Group has managed to establish reliable, durable and long-lasting relationships throughout the world.
Providing high quality products and excellent services are the main factors that have undoubtedly contributed to the success of our endeavor.
Honicomb Group is operated by topnotch, highly experienced international food market executives. Our dedicated specialists carry years of experience, focusing on providing comprehensive trade service packages and materials to our clients.

In A Glance

Honicomb Products


Dairy & Milk

We are proud to have provided wholesome milk and a wide range of dairy products to many countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Oils & Fats

We provide high quality sunflower oil, palm oil and various types of edible and non-edible oils and fats in crude and also in refined condition.

Canned food

Quality Tomato Paste and Sardine are carefully prepared and preserved in tin cans for fresh delivery to you and your specific consumer market.


We have Pasta made from fresh ingredients, some of the best quality and freshly made pasta available in the market today.

Frozen Meat

Whether you require chicken or beef, in whole or parts, we are just a contact away. We have a large selection of meat products available to fit your requirement.


We are a leading source for providing cleaning powder fit for various applications. We have flexible manufacturing capabilities to meet your required specification.


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